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Sorry for the inconvenience but we’re making a brand new website at the moment with the best "under the radar" tech jobs in The Netherlands. If you need to, you can always , otherwise we’ll be back online shortly!

— Team itjobstar

2018 March

  • Testing job hierarchy.
  • Completing rule engine, optimizing results
  • Crawl engine completed with semantic indexing

2018 February

  • Completing backend and starting with webdesign.
  • Competing keyword research
  • Research on most wanted tech jobs in The Netherlands

2018 January

  • Yes, full ownership
  • Choosing platform
  • First rounds of GV Design Sprints

2017 December

  • Raising private funding
  • Negotiating with management and shareholders of MegaJobs.
  • Developing business plan and KPI's


itjobstar.nl got traction as a freemium tech job vertical by promoting Megajobs clients